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Get one each of our Junk Wash, Junk Shave, Junk Bar, and Ball Butter in your favorite scent to build your own scent package!

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Get 15% off your scent collection when you buy 1 of each of our Junk Wash, Junk Shave, Junk Bar, and Ball Butter all in your favorite scent!


Just Expect Sex

Junk Wash Bar Collection

Includes Junk Wash Bar in Manhood, Morning Wood, Creamy Possessions, and The Alpha.

$28.49 Sale Price

The Polished Package

Ball Butter Collection

Includes Ball Butter in Fresh Splash, Royal Secrets, and Swollen Goods.

$53.22 Sale Price

The OutSTANDing

Junk Wash Trilogy Collection

Includes Junk Wash in Raw Relations, Legal Substance, and Magic Mountain.

$34.49 Sale Price

Endless Rounds

Junk Bar Collection

Includes Junk Bar in Fresh Splash, Legal Substance, Swollen Goods, and Royal Secrets.

$28.49 Sale Price

Choose Your Scent Collection

Includes Junk Wash, Junk Wash Bar, Ball Butter, and Junk Shave, all in the scent of your choosing.

$59.99 Sale Price

The Crown Jewels

Complete AlphaLife Experience

Coming soon!

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Special Edition Collection,


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